The English Riviera Wheel

... take a journey 60m high in the sky over Torquay

Public Notices 18th October: OPEN AS USUAL

30th March until Sat:Oct: 27th 2018

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Riding high above the English Riviera

Soaring high over the beautiful harbor in the heart of the English Riviera at Torquay, the wheel is situated within the famous Pavilion Gardens, next to The Princess Theatre, enjoying amazing views of the town and harbor.

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A birds eye view of the surrounding area

The English Riviera Wheel is completely silent in operation incorporating the latest in observation wheel technology and design. A trip on the wheel takes approximately 12 minutes. Each gondola is enclosed for safety and comfort whatever the weather.
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Safety and comfort

side view of gondolas
Step into one of the wheel's gondolas and be transported into the air. Gaze out over the skyline and see the surrounding area with a wonderous view in every direction. Fun, thrills, geography and history - all rolled into one!

With breathtaking 360 degree views almost 60 metres above The Princess Gardens. The Wheel offers a birds eye view of the English Riviera overlooking Torquay Harbour from a rare perspective. A ride on the Wheel is the perfect location for a special day out for everyone.

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Standard tickets:
You MUST arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to closing in order to make the last gondola flight

VIP tickets: You MUST arrive 30 minutes PRIOR to closing in order to make the last VIP gondola flight

Working Together

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The English Riviera Wheel is provided by Mellors Group Events, working together with our partners and customers delivering events from concept through to reality.

We provide events and headline attractions like The Winter Wonderland, Urban Beach, theme-parks and many more event experiences that are made for you!
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